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Many people have tried time and time again to fight obesity by going on diets and trying all kinds of methods to lose weight. Some people even resorted to some drugs and products that may be unsafe, or worse, surgical options. When all diets failed them and every product did nothing to help them to lose weight they worried that there would never be a way to finally meet their goal weight and no longer be obese. What they really needed was a drug they was safe and effective. The FDA had not approved a new weight loss drug for 13 years until this discovery.

This supplement is a new weight loss drug that is actually FDA approved and seems to be getting real results. It is a drug that should be used under a doctor's supervision and with a good diet and plenty of exercise. Qsymia is a combination of two different drugs. The first drug is called Phentermine. Phentermine is an appetite suppressant that works by sending a certain chemical signal to the brain to control the appetite. The second drug is commonly known as Topamax. This drug was used to treat migraines mostly but as it turns out some side effects are a decreased appetite by causing a full feeling, it makes foods taste differently, less pleasing, and it also causes people to use more calories. Putting these two drugs together gave birth to Qsymia. A great combination of getting rid of extra calories and not feeling like eating. With some lifestyle changes it could really be effective quickly.


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Not everyone should be on Qsymia. When you go to your doctor they will tell you whether or not you are a candidate but there are some people who cannot take it. First of all this drug is meant for people who are obese or very overweight, not for people looking to lose those last few pounds before bikini season. This is a serious medication. Women who are pregnant cannot take Qsymia. Any woman who is taking it must at all times be on some form of birth control and take extra precautions to becoming pregnant. If you are a woman who is taking Qsymia and think you may be pregnant, stop taking it right away and make a doctor's appointment immediately. This is not safe during pregnancy. Also, if you have eye issues, have an overactive thyroid, anyone on an MAIO, or know they are allergic to its base drugs should not take this medication.


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