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Hinkley Lighting

Hinkley brings lighting, design and fashion together unlike any other company in the industry. Internationally recognized for combining cutting edge technology and beautiful design, the brand's goal is to help people find lighting they love," and to ensure they do, Hinkley offers the selection, styles, finishes values and insight that make it easy and fun to find the right lighting.

Hand crafted fixtures, luxe finishes, artistic details and quality materials go into the design of every piece. Hinkley embraces the philosophy that you can merge together the lighting, furniture, art and accessories into a beautiful environment that defines own personal style.

It all starts with the design. Inspiration is everywhere: from art to furniture to fashion. Hinkley pays close attention to everything happening in the world of interior design. From there, it is a multi-step process with the product development team and designers evaluating every element, starting with technical functionality to the materials used and how they complement each other, the range of sizes and silhouettes offered within a collection, even the packaging and ease of installation are meticulously scrutinized.

Headquartered in Cleveland, the family-owned company has been in business since 1922. In all those years, the company has picked up on a few things along the way – and one of the most important is that meaningful experiences with our products and our people are more important than business transactions. It’s the relationships that matter: with customers, colleagues and partners.

Around Hinkley they call it "life aglow." The company is full of people who recognize that lighting becomes a significant part of someone’s home and lifestyle – so they’re passionate about making it the best possible experience at every touch point. Hinkley believes that accountability, trust and professionalism inspire confidence in products and in the brand. That's backed up by the highest possible control standards and an industry-leading warranty.

"I recently celebrated my 45th year with the company and it has been exhilarating to witness the evolution of decorative lighting and Hinkley’s contribution to that growth," said Rick Wiedemer, Hinkley's CEO. "Since 1922, we have combined our heritage with a relentless pursuit of innovative design and technology to create lighting that illuminates what you treasure most. We will always remain committed to keeping your life aglow."

Over the years, Hinkley has evolved to carry three separate brands under its umbrella. Hinkley Lighting creates fresh, timeless classics. Fredrick Ramond is the luxury line, with unique designs and materials, and Hinkley Landscape Lighting prides itself on bringing a mix of style and technology to the outdoors.

Hinkley focuses on green technology, through constant research and development, the company has created patented technologies to make fixtures even more energy efficient. Hinkley recently upgraded their LED quality, giving shoppers hundreds of energy-efficient styles to choose from. The brand has won several "Lighting for Tomorrow" awards, a prestigious honor that recognizes LED products with technical innovation that don't sacrifice style. The outdoor lanterns from Hinkley, the largest manufacturer of outdoor lighting in the industry, meet most Dark Sky requirements, reducing light pollution.

In addition to continually creating sophisticated designs for illuminating the home and an expansion in interior LED offerings, Hinkley leads in style and education, with the goal to be foremost trusted lighting brand, from inspiration all the way through to installation.

"We recognize that buying the perfect lighting for your home can be intimidating if you aren’t knowledgeable about the process," said Rick Wiedemer, CEO of Hinkley Lighting. "Our goal is to get the homeowner more comfortable and even inspired about lighting, from the selection right through to the installation."

Hinkley knows the secret to happiness: make every moment count. Hinkley’s mission is to create chic, innovative lighting that illuminates all of your moments, whether it's for day-to-day or special occasions … each moment matters.